Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Forgiveness 4 You

Ann Bauer’s Forgiveness 4 You is a compassionate story that shows a different perspective on the universal desire to be loved and accepted. In this sharply satirical novel, advertising executive Madeline Murray sees a big moneymaking opportunity in the form of Gabriel McKenna, a former priest who still receives confession—despite having left the church and settling into a new life working at a bookstore.
Once Madeline convinces the reluctant Gabriel to be the face of Forgiveness 4 You, a secular forgiveness-for-hire company, the two explore the well-meaning but corruptible world of commercializing religion. They form a close bond as each acts as both confessor and forgiver. What they learn, ultimately, is the cost of redemption and what price people are willing to pay for it. Ann Bauer 
delivers a poignant but not sentimental, satirical but not mean-spirited, and ultimately honest look at religion and redemption.           

In addition to writing fiction, Ann is a frequent essayist and contributor to websites including most recently DAME, Huffington Post, Salon, and Slate. Her essays address issues that she has dealt with in her daily life, focusing on a wide array of topics ranging from parenting to careers. 

Click below to read some of her recent essays:

Forgiveness 4 You is available now.


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