Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rumo in Kirkus

A great mention of Walter Moers' upcoming book RUMO & HIS MIRACULOUS ADVENTURES appears in the July 1 issue of Kirkus Reviews. RUMO is a followup to last year's breakout THE 13 1/2 LIVES OF CAPTAIN BLUEBEAR, and again takes place in the weird world of Zamonia, and is once again filled with Moers' wonderful line drawings. This, by the way, marks the first time I've ever seen a book compared to both Shrek and Gunther Grass in the same breath, but then again, BLUEBEAR was called "Dr. Suess on Ecstasy" (another first), but I guess that's just the kind of book Moers writes...
"Cross Lord of the Rings with Yellow Submarine, throw in dashes of Monty Python, Douglas Adams, Shrek and The Princess Bride, season with more serious fare such as The Tin Drum and The Odyssey. That's the sort of alchemy in which this sprawling novel by German writer/artist Moers trades, and part of the pleasure of reading it is to see what echoes will next bounce off its crags."
--John Mark

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