Monday, July 10, 2006

Taking TimeOut for Ice Cream

More great praise for Marilyn Powell's ICE CREAM: THE DELICIOUS HISTORY, this time it's a "Critic's Pick" from TimeOut New York:
Marilyn Powell['s] Ice Cream: The Delicious History, [is] a breezy, lighthearted history of the frozen dessert. While it may sound like just another ode to a familiar consumable—following Mark Kurlansky’s bestsellers like Salt and Cod—it’s really one woman’s engagingly unpredictable collection of fun facts, organized by theme (not chronologically). In addition to the usual descriptions of inventions—the cone entered the pictured in 1904, for example—she includes recipes for items as diverse as kulfi and something called “snowbread,”plus illustrations of ice-cream sellers and vintage molds.
--John Mark

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