Friday, August 18, 2006

The answers to all of your questions...REVEALED!

Every so often I like to look through the stats on the blog to see what kinds of search terms and questions lead people to our website, so I thought I'd answer these questions right out, so you don't have to consult the google oracle:

Q: When was the first Erector Set imported to England?
A: I’m guessing 1914.

Q: Who wrote “A Taste of Honey?”
A: Bobby Scott and Ric Marlow wrote the song, popularized by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass.
A: The play was written by Shelagh Delaney.

Q: What does “elephant walk” mean?
A: I looked this up and aside from the song (see below) I was surprised to learn that it’s also not-very-safe-for-work fraternity hazing ritual. Go figure....

Q: Who wrote the Baby Elephant Walk song?
A: Henry Mancini.

Q: What baseball player are you?
A: I’m more of a whiffleballer, really, but when I was growing up I used to be a big Ozzie Smith fan, so I'll go with Ozzie.

Q: What does “Thalatta Thalatta” mean?
A: “The Sea! The Sea!” (see book to the right)

Q: Was there a baseball player nicknamed “Elephant?”
A: None that I can think of, but after the Giants’ manager John McGraw derisively called Connie Mack’s Philadelphia Athletics a “white elephant” in the press, Mack embraced the term and started sewing elephant patches on his players’ sleeves. Close enough?

OK, that's it for me. I'm on vacation next week doing a Dervla Murphy across Long Island, so enjoy the JohnMarklessness.

--John Mark

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