Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Books: Joe Pappalardo's SUNFLOWERS: The Secret History

Releasing today - on the first day of Spring - is Sunflowers: The Secret History, a highly entertaining social history of this remarkable flower.
Rave reviews are already pouring in: "Author Joe Pappalardo demonstrates a dramatic flair as he makes a strong case for the sunflower's grip on humanity. Enjoyable and eye-opening." (Kirkus).
"The trove of entertaining lore Pappalardo spins throughout his engaging and expansive look at a flower so ubiquitous that its critical role in cultural development since the dawn of time often goes overlooked. A glib, upbeat writer and fiercely determined researcher, Pappalardo intrepidly investigates everything from the sunflower’s genetic history and recent bioengineering discoveries to its influence on global economies from the U.S. to Uganda.” (Booklist).

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Gary S. said...

Great book. I'm not even a flower guy and loved it.