Friday, April 11, 2008

John Lithgow Pays Tribute to P.G. WODEHOUSE on Broadway

In a new one-man show, John Lithgow: Stories By Heart, the award-winning actor offers a comic meditation on the art and essence of storytelling. Invoking memories of his grandmother and father before him, Lithgow traces his own history as an actor and storyteller, a history spanning three generations, culminating in a performance of the P.G. Wodehouse story Uncle Fred Flits By, in which the actor performs a 40-minute monologue, portraying nine distinct characters with zany abandon. The piece will be performed on Sunday and Monday nights beginning on April 20 in the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre at Lincoln Center in New York and run for 14 performances only through June 2. Opening night is set for May 12. Uncle Fred Flits By features the first appearance of Pongo Twistleton and his Uncle Fred, who would go on to feature in four novels, including two appearances at Blandings Castle. You can find Uncle Fred Flits By in the collection of stories Young Men in Spats, part of the beloved Collector's Wodehouse series published by Overlook.

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Bully said...

Hoorah! I'll be there, with spats on!