Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Peter Mayer Honored with Trilogy Lifetime Achievement Award at London Book Fair

PW London Book Fair Updates: Mayer Endorses Publication of the Good and Commercial

"Introduced by agent Ed Victor as a “publisher to his core,” Peter Mayer, former head of Penguin and who now runs both Overlook Press and Duckworth Press, was presented with the Trilogy Lifetime Achievement Award at a lunch during Tuesday’s London Book Fair. Mayer, who began as a publisher of mass market paperbacks and became known for publishing some on publishing’s most respected authors, said it is important to publish not only serious books, but dangerous books and commercial titles as well. He noted that it was his decision to publish a series of Sudoku books that will permit the publication of more worthwhile works well after the Sudoku craze is over. Reflecting on the changes that have occurred over his career, Mayer said publishing has become “more retailer driven” with authors more tied to agents than editors, and editors more aligned with marketing concerns as successful frontlist books are often a key to moving ahead today. Still, Mayer said there is much to celebrate in publishing and while the printed word may be under siege, it is far from dead. The years ahead, however, may bring new economic models, speculating that authors may need to consider taking less money up from and share more in risk, and profits. At age 72, Mayer said he feels like he is once again started over and intends to cause more trouble for years to come." By Jim Milliot -- Publishers Weekly

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