Monday, May 19, 2008

Nigel Lawson's AN APPEAL TO REASON in The New York Sun

Nigel Lawson's An Appeal to Reason: A Cool Look at Global Warming recieves a warm reception from Daniel Johnson in The New York Sun: "Nigel Lawson is, by any standards, a political and intellectual heavyweight. During the 1980s, he ran Margaret Thatcher's treasury for six crucial years, during which he did more to cut and simplify taxes than any other chancellor of the exchequer before or since. At 76, Lord Lawson (as he now is) has lost none of his caustic wit and analytical acumen. As an expert on energy and a member of the House of Lords economic committee, he became interested in — and increasingly scandalized by — the economics of climate change. Now he has written a book, An Appeal to Reason, which appears in America later this month. The witty subtitle — "A Cool Look at Global Warming" — belies the fact that Lord Lawson is furious about what he sees as the shoddy, intellectually dishonest way in which the Western world has been persuaded to believe not only that man-made carbon emissions are causing global warming, but that the threat is so great that drastic measures must be taken to mitigate such emissions, rather than to adapt to the possible consequences of climate change."

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