Monday, June 16, 2008

Penny Vincenzi's AN OUTRAGEOUS AFFAIR in Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly reviews the forthcoming novel from Penny Vincenzi, An Outrageous Affair in this week's issue: "The latest sexy, overblown saga from Vincenzi’s British backlist tracks Lady Caroline Hunterton over 30 years, from the thick of WWII to the height of the counterculture. Her story is framed by an about-to-be-published tell-all from elusive yellow journalist Magnus Phillips, whose book unearths Caroline’s tragic and scandalous past, threatening everything she holds dear, especially the memory of Brendan FitzPatrick, her first love, and their daughter, Fleur. . . .Vincenzi provides plenty of heat and intrigue, and although a significant number of the multiple twists are expected, Vincenzi gives the sprawling whole enough oomph to carry one all the way through." An Outrageous Affair will be available in bookstores in October.

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