Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hugh Thomson's A SACRED PLACE in Seattle Times/Post-Intelligencer

Sunday's Seattle Times offers a round-up of noteworthy new paperbacks, among them Hugh Thomson's fascinating travelogue of ancient Peru, A Sacred Landscape. Thomson made headlines with his work near Machu Picchu, which he recounted brilliantly in The White Rock. Now he takes the reader on a journey back from the great Moche pyramids to remote sites in the Central highlands that date back to the first millennium BCE--ancient Incan sites of the Andes that remain cloaked in mystery. Thomson gives an immensely personal and accessible guide to the region’s wonders alongside the story of his family’s relocation to a farm in the Yucay valley, the one-time heartland of ancient Peru. Drawing on the year that he spent alongside contemporary Peruvians, Thomson illuminates how things have changed—or failed to change—in the five centuries that separate contemporary Peru from the civilization that is one of the world’s oldest and most captivating enigmas.

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