Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Advance Praise for P.F. Kluge's GONE TOMORROW

Early reviews are arriving for P.F. Kluge's new novel Gone Tomorrow, which will be published in November:

"The novel is suffused with Kluge’s obvious affection for books, and has some cleverly aphoristic things to say about the joys of teaching, the pitfalls of academic infighting and the tragedy of artistic expectations left unfulfilled. This novel combines elements of Citizen Kane and Goodbye, Mr. Chips for a satisfying resolution." - Publishers Weekly

"In his ninth book, acclaimed writer/professor Kluge cleverly combines an affectionate memoir with some elements of suspense. Readers learn about an interesting group of characters who've intersected a man's life, many of whom ring true as individuals and as archetypes of literature students, academics, and small-town inhabitants. Kluge also provides insight into a successful writer's fears about writing a failed novel and the pressures to publish continually. Effectively shunning pedantry, Kluge dispenses lively gems of wisdom about the writing process itself while sprinkling the narrative with references to contemporary culture, giving the story a worthwhile bounce. Recommended." - Library Journal

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