Friday, August 08, 2008

FINDING MERLIN Reviewed in Kirkus

Adam Ardrey's new book, Finding Merlin, which exposes the true history of the legendary Arthurian wizard, is reviewed today in Kirkus:

This important addition to Arthurian scholarship traces the origins of Merlin, unearthing consequential new material.

The Merlin of myth was a legendary magician and prophet in the court of King Arthur. Ardrey uses etymology, newly discovered historical documents and a fair dose of logical thinking to trace the roots of this forgotten man to sixth- and seventh-century Scotland, a radical discovery given that scholars have long proposed the real Merlin lived a century earlier in England and/or Wales. "If I am right," writes the author, "British history for the period from the late fifth to the early seventh century stands to be rewritten..." The discoveries of the real birthplace, battlefields and final resting place of Merlin, the man, as well as the many intriguing riffs into the lives and bitter rivalries of other important figures of that time, provide enough fodder to maintain reader interest...

A significant book for die-hard Merlin fans and skeptical scholars.

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iaincwil said...

I live at Torran Mhor Argyll, I have been telling people for many years that Arthur spent 30 years of his life here at Dunad, and pointing out to many that he was mortaly wounded at the battle of baden hill, strange there is a hill by the burn which runs to Lochgilphead and Loch Fyne called Baden hill now occupied by a farm bellonging to a Family of Campbels could this most likely be the site of the battle!!,

also when the sword Excalibur was forged it was not alone there were two other swords made so three in all Excalibur, Caliburn and I think the third was called Albion,
there is a small place down the Kintyre peninsula Called Caliburn! could this be yet another lead??