Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Penny Vincenzi's AN OUTRAGEOUS AFFAIR in Booklist

More praise for Penny Vincenzi in Booklist: "The author of No Angel (2003) and Sheer Abandon (2007) offers another sprawling saga, this one centered around a spirited English-woman and her two daughters. Caroline Miller falls hard for dashing American soldier Brendan FitzPatrick, but his disappearance during World War II leads her to give up the baby she conceived shortly before he shipped out. By the time Brendan returns, Caroline has married another man and is expecting a child with him. Caroline refuses to leave her husband, but she implores Brendan to reclaim their baby. He does, naming her Fleur and taking her back to New York with him, while Caroline raises her other daughter, Chloe, in England. When they reach adulthood, the girls’ fates intertwine in unexpected ways when Chloe’s husband appears to be tied to the scandalous death of Fleur’s beloved father. Fans of Barbara Taylor Bradford’s multigenerational stories will likely flock to An Outrageous Affair; the mystery will likely keep them turning the pages."

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