Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Charles Portis's THE DOG OF THE SOUTH in GQ Magazine

Check out this rave from Joshua Ferris in the September issue of GQ magazine for the great Charles Portis: "Forget the Apatow ascent. Forget the Stewart-Colbert juggernaut. Funny as they are the greatest testament to American laughter is a novel published in 1979, by Charles Portis, called The Dog of the South. . . . Portis's quirky improvised dialogue is why The Dog of the South is such a winning book. It's the funniest iteration of that particularly American specimen, the road novel, with a finicky and hapless version of Sal Paradise as hero and a cast of characters that is half Pynchon, half Bottle Rocket. As with all great novels - and great comedy - how things end up matters a whole lot less than the fun had in getting there."

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