Monday, October 20, 2008

A Hunk of Burning Love for Adam Victor's THE ELVIS ENCYCLOPEDIA

Adam Victor's magnificent study of the life and legacy of Elvis Presley, The Elvis Encyclopedia, is getting rave reviews all over the world. This just in from The Times (UK):

"Adam Victor has followed his compendium of all known facts about Marilyn Monroe with this remarkably handsome volume on another modern icon - the greatest rock artiste of our time, and (arguably) the most influential singer of any time. If you want to know about Elvis and guns and telephones, how many paternity suits were filed against him, what books he read and even what breed of dog he gave his last-but-one girlfriend, this book is for you. As a visual compendium of Elvis and his times the work is outstanding, and students of rock'n'roll history have a valuable resource of quotes, pictures and facts - for every detail of every single record is here, as well as the names of musicians he worked with, those singers he influenced and the credits for all his movies, down to “Colonel Tom Parker - technical adviser”. (The old rogue looked after himself more than he looked after the genius he managed.) Victor notes that his encyclopedia is “longer than the Old Testament”; certainly to fundamentalist Elvis nerds it will be as valuable as the Bible."

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