Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bookreporter on Penny Vincenzi's AN OUTRAGEOUS AFFAIR

Reviewer Norah Piehl takes a look at Penny Vincenzi's An Outrageous Affair on "The Overlook Press, the small publishing house that first introduced American readers to the epic novels of Penny Vincenzi, is committed to bringing all of Vincenzi's backlist in print in the United States (even as another, larger publisher has snatched up her newest titles now that the word is out). An Outrageous Affair, first published in the United Kingdom in 1993, is another terrific example of Vincenzi's ability to bring together a couple dozen characters (and just as many subplots) in intriguing, titillating and outrageous ways. . .Fans of Penny Vincenzi's other novels will recognize trademark details here: the sprawling time frame, the large cast of characters, the teetering balance between scandal and propriety, between appearance and reality. Readers are also in for a particularly alluring historical ride this time around, as the action travels from old Hollywood to Madison Avenue advertising pitch meetings to the London theater scene to noble English country house culture. . Perhaps not surprising given its title, An Outrageous Affair has somewhat more (and more explicit) sex than many recent Vincenzi novels. Nonetheless, An Outrageous Affair gives readers more of what they've come to expect from Penny Vincenzi: a thoroughly enjoyable family saga with glamour, romance and drama to spare."

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