Monday, November 24, 2008


Adam Victor's magnificent tribute to one of the true icons of the twentieth-century, The Elvis Encyclopedia, is included in the San Francisco Chronicle's list of best Holiday Books for 2008: "For the serious Elvis Presley fan, this comprehensive collection of all things Elvis covers the King's childhood, music and film careers, life, loves and legacy. With its abundant photos and memorabilia, one could pore over its pages for days on end. It is written by the author of The Marilyn Encyclopedia, a writer who became an Elvis fan though this six-year research project." And BookPage notes The Elvis Encyclopedia is a valuable one-stop source of all things informational about the King. The A-Z reference covers seemingly every person, place, and thing that touched Elvis's eventful life, and it's nothing if not exhausting. . . Victor has certainly cast his net widely in search of rarely seen pictures, and on that nostalgic note alone, his is a regal book - fit for a king."

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