Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nigel Slater's Best Roast Turkey Sandwiches from REAL FAST FOOD

We're off for Thanksgiving weekend, but will sign off with a couple of post-Thanksgiving sandwich ideas from the great Nigel Slater, author of Real Fast Food, just released in a new paperback edition with an introduction from Nigella Lawson:

Roast Turkey, Apple, and Cranberry Sandwich
Slice the cold roast turkey into pieces about as thick as a silver dollar, which is probably thicker than you would expect. Grate an apple or two, skin and all, and stir in a dollop of cranberry sauce. Scatter in a few walnuts and add a drizzle of nut or sunflower oil. Season the sliced turkey, being enthusiastic with the salt, then pile onto unbuttered brown bread with the grated apple and cranberry.

Roast Turkey, Hot Bacon, and Chutney Sandwich
Now we're talking. Butter two slices of hot toast. Cover one thinly sliced cold roast turkey. Spread the turkey with mango chutney. Cover the mango chutney with baconthat is both hot and crisply fried. Slap on the second piece of butter toast.

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