Friday, December 12, 2008

HOTEL BEMELMANS Featured in New York Times Style Magazine

Two classics from the Overlook backlist were featured in The New York Times Style Magazine last Sunday: Hotel Bemelmans and When You Have Lunch with the Emperor, both available in paperback editions. Holly Brubach writes of her new discovery in the BiblioFile column: "One day there appeared in my mailbox a gift from a friend — "Hotel Bemelmans" (The Overlook Press), a selection of Bemelmans's autobiographical essays previously published in four different volumes, all of them now out of print. What a discovery! Reading, I became so engrossed that I was late leaving the house for an appointment and I rode past my stop on the subway. It is perhaps a comment on the company I keep that most of the friends I surveyed knew Bemelmans primarily as the namesake for the bar at the Carlyle hotel. A few had never heard of him at all. How was it that a writer so remarkable and gifted had fallen so completely off the radar? It was as if, as a music lover, I'd gotten this far in life and then suddenly stumbled upon Haydn or Schubert. If ever a writer's reputation were ripe for reinvention, it's Bemelmans's."

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