Friday, February 06, 2009

Kris Saknussemm's PRIVATE MIDNIGHT Receives Starred Review in Publishers Weekly

Kris Sakussemm, author of the acclaimed sci-fi smash Zanesville, is back with a new novel, Private Midnight. This sexy, seedy look at the underbelly of life is crime noir for a new generation, and Publishers Weekly has given Private Midnight a starred review in next week's issue: "James Ellroy meets David Lynch inthis addictive mix of noir and supernatural horror from Saknussemm. Det. Birch Ritter investigates the suspected suicide of California real estate magnate Deems Whitney, who apparently doused his Mercedes with gasoline and died in the resultant explosion a day after changing his will to benefit his trophy wife and disinherit his grown children. Before the cop can interview Whitney’s widow, Ritter receives a cryptic message from his ex-partner that steers him to the enigmatic Genevieve Wyvern. Wyvern, who disconcerts Ritter with how well she knows his past, plunges him into a surreal world of bondage, domination and mind games. Despite being humiliated by Wyvern, Ritter finds himself unable to stay away from her lair. An unexpected and bizarre twist well into the novel jolts the fairly standard plot off the rails, but the powerful narrative voice will compel readers to follow."

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