Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nahal Tajadod's RUMI: THE FIRE OF LOVE Featured in Rain Taxi Review of Books

Rumi: The Fire of Love, the internationally acclaimed novel by Nahal Tajadod, is reviewed in Rain Taxi Review of Books: "This book is the first comprehensive and authoritative historical novel in English about the life and mind of Jalaluddin Rumi, the 13th-century Persian mystic who is one of the most widely read poets in North America. Nahal Tajadod confesses that it took her several years to finish this book, during which her mother (a scholar of Persian literature who helped her to understand Rumi) died and Tajaddod gave birth to her first child (after ten years of trying). During those years, her husband would often inquire about her book on Rumi, and in reply Tajadod would quote from one of Rumi’s own poems: “For a certain time the book has been delayed.” One day, Tajadod writes, while breastfeeding her infant daughter, she opened Rumi’s book and found out that that particular poem continues like this: “Because it takes time for blood to become milk.” Its long gestation seems to have paid off, for Rumi: The Fire of Love is a delight to read."

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