Tuesday, March 31, 2009

L.A.Weekly Shines a Light on NEW YORK IN THE 70s

Libby Molyneaux of L.A. Weekly looks at New York in the 1970s, Alan Tannenbaum's magnificent new book of photographs: "New York in the '70s was like a jolt to the veins, har, har. Now it's a coffee-table book called New York City in the '70s. Allan Tannenbaum's photographs capture the glitz as well as the scum of the era. As photo editor of SoHo Weekly News , he covered the club scene and much more, and the book should satisfy your curiosity about what went on in those VIP lounges at the Mudd Club and Studio 54. John Lennon, Mick, Bianca, Debbie and Chris, the Ramones, Mayor Koch, Patti Smith, Kurt Russell (huh?) all show up."

On April 2, Art in Tune in Los Angeles will launch a photography exhibition, Bright Lights Big City: New York in the 70s, featuring Alan Tannenbaum's personal collection of photographs from that decade.

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