Friday, April 03, 2009

Celebrating Benjamin Zucker's BLUE, GREEN, and WHITE

In the novels Blue, Green, and White, author Benjamin Zucker brilliantly combined contemporary literature with classical literary tradition—telling the story of the Tal family of Manhattan, Zucker interspersed the text with Talmud-style commentary that moves alongside, beneath, and above the main story text, deepening the narrative and enriching the reader’s appreciation of both the subject matter and the art at hand. Now, these three books—in sum a truly monumental work—are available together in one boxed set. Last night, The Overlook Press celebrated the publication of this magnificentl achievement with a reception honoring Benjamin Zucker. With full-color illustrations on every page and enlightening “commentary” from such historical luminaries as Kafka, Vermeer, Monet, Joyce, Bob Dylan, Bobby Fischer, and Joan Baez, these books belong on the shelf of any true lover of art and letters."

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