Thursday, April 30, 2009

Max Frei's THE STRANGER Reviewed in USA Today

Book critic Carol Memmott takes a look at Max Frei's The Stranger in a round-up of "International Voices" in USA Today: "Max Frei is the "Nocturnal Representative of The Most Venerable Head of the Minor Secret Investigative Force" in the city of Echo, the dreamlike fantasy world in this epic written by Russians Svetlana Martynchik and Igor Stepin under a pseudonym that also happens to be the name of the novel's protagonist. Fans of Jasper Fforde and Susanna Clarke will happily jump into Frei's world, where the one-time slacker — now magical secret agent — solves bizarre cases in an enchanted alternate world. Published in 1996 in Russia and a best seller there, it's the first in the Labyrinths of Echo series."

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