Tuesday, April 14, 2009

R. Scott Bakker's THE JUDGING EYE in Science Fiction and Fantasy News

R. Scott Bakker's The Judging Eye is given a lengthy review by Rob Bedford in Science Fiction and Fantasy News:" The Prince of Nothing trilogy established R. Scott Bakker as one of the young, pre-eminent voices in Fantasy fiction. What not many people knew when The Darkness that Comes Before hit bookshelves was just how large in scope Bakker’s vision would turn out to be. With the publication of The Judging Eye, Bakker begins The Aspect-Emperor, the second trilogy comprising the greater Second Apocalypse set of books and set 20 years later . . . The Judging Eye should satisfy Bakker’s growing legion of fans and the book should also help to lure more readers into his sway. It is a leaner, more precise novel than the three preceding novels, but no less thought-provoking and engaging. Once again, Bakker has reminded readers why he is in the upper echelon of 21st Century writers."

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