Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dan Van der Vat's THE DARDANELLES DISASTER in Library Journal

Naval historian Dan Van der Vat's new book, The Dardanelles Disaster: The Extraordinary Story of Churchill's Most Spectacular Defeat , is reviewed in Library Journal: "In 1915, the Royal Navy and Allied troops sought to open the Dardanelles strait, which the Ottoman Empire had closed to the Allies in 1914. The operation was overseen by First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill, and it was a massive failure that devolved into the horrific Battle of Gallipoli. Van der Vat provides a narrative, hewing very much to maneuver details, both in battle and in Whitehall offices, and then indicating how the World War I Turco-German alliance impacted not only that war's duration but the course of history to come. Van der Vat aims at general readers, but will also interest strict military history enthusiasts."

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