Friday, May 22, 2009


Three years ago, Overlook debuted The Weekend Book, an enchanting treasury of off-hours activities from the England of yesteryear. An enormous success, this famous publishing tradition now moves west to America, with The Great American Weekend Book. Compiled and edited by Maura Diamond, this is a delightful book for week-enders young or old, guest or host, married or single, discreet or adventurous. The Great American Weekend Book is an invaluable book for readers of all ages, containing a wealth of advice from what to eat on country jaunts and tips on bird-spotting, to suggestions for games to play and instructions for how to build a blow-gun. From odd rules of old, forgotten games to the quirky philosophies of American outdoorsmanship, The Great American Weekend Book looks back fondly at our country’s proud recreational history. Entertaining, informative, charming, elegantly presented, and sometimes just plain weird, this is a must for summer reading.

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