Friday, June 05, 2009


Coming soon to bookstores everywhere is the riveting Operation Kronstadt, the true story of honor, espionage, and the thrilling rescue of Britain's greatest spy - The Man with a Hundred Faces.

Written by Harry Ferguson, former MI6 officer and undercover agent, Operation Kronstadt uncovers a truly dramatic story from the Russian Revolution involving a daring rescue attempt and a “mission impossible” against the best defended naval target in Russia. Set in Spring of 1919, when the power struggle between former Tsarists and Bolsheviks hung in the balance, the only British agent in Russia is trapped and in mortal danger. Mansfield Cumming (alias “the first C”) dreams up an audacious—probably suicidal—plan to rescue him, and a young naval officer is sent with a specially selected team into the jaws of the Soviet fleet. This is the remarkable true story of the spy Paul Dukes (the only MI6 officer to be knighted for work in the field) and Gus Agar, whose extraordinary escapade won him the Victoria Cross.

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