Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Susan Hill's THE VOWS OF SILENCE in Booklist

The fourth installment of Susan Hill's magnificent series of novels featuring Simon Serrallier is coming in November from The Overlook Press. Booklist offers an early appraisal of The Vows of Silence in the September issue: "Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler is certain the murders taking place in the quiet English community of Laffterton are linked, but neither he nor the members of his investigative team are sure about the common element. In the meantime, the murderer remains on the loose, and he is more than happy to fill in the rationale behind his killing spree (if readers haven’t already guessed it) in occasional chapters that venture into his deluded mind. Complicating matters is an upcoming wedding at the local cathedral with guests of honor to include the Prince of Wales. Individuals familiar with Hill’s three previous books about laidback Chief Inspector Serrailler are the best audience for this fourth series entry, as familiarity with the characters will help sort out the family relationships (Simon’s as well as those of other characters in the town) that play a huge part in the story, constantly drawing on Simon’s attention as he looks for the killer. Fortunately, Hill does a good job balancing the interpersonal stories with the mystery, while adding to the mix a surprising, very credible overlay of deep emotion." -— Stephanie Zvirin

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