Thursday, September 03, 2009

A FEW QUICK ONES by P.G. Wodehouse for the Labor Day Weekend

As the long weekend approaches and summer winds down, perhaps it's time for A Few Quick Ones by the great P.G. Wodehouse, the latest release in Overlook's beloved Collector's Wodehouse series. A Few Quick Ones (1959) is one of Wodehouse’s famous collections of ten stories in which many old friends reappear in deliciously absurd situations. Some of his favorite characters are here for the party—Jeeves and Wooster, Mr. Mulliner, Bingo, the tight-wad Oofy Proessor, Ukridge and, of course, the Drones are in force. The is the final appearance by Ukridge, and Ukridge, last seen, is in the soup.

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