Wednesday, September 02, 2009

More Bookseller Praise for R. J. Ellory's A QUIET BELIEF IN ANGELS

More and more booksellers are adding their support to R.J. Ellory's A Quiet Belief in Angels, which goes on sale next Tuesday, September 8:

"I read the prologue. I read the first page. Then I had to close the book and catch my breath. What an extraordinary writer! Vigorous and tender. Beguiling. Allow yourself to open this book. Be amazed." -Jennie Turner-Collins, Joseph Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati, Ohio

"R.J. Ellory is already an international bestselling author, but he has never before been published here in the States. That will change on Sept. 8, with the publication of his U.S. debut, A Quiet Belief in Angels. This is a must-read for mystery fans: a compelling story set in 1940s rural Georgia, with a protagonist you won't soon forget. Joseph Vaughan is a young man when we first meet him. It is the summer of 1939, and death has come to the little Georgia town where he lives. A young girl has been brutally murdered, and the tragedy has shaken the tiny community to its core. The case is never solved, and it soon proves to be just the first in a string of horrific murders that plague the area over the years. Joseph, recovering from the untimely passing of his father, feels that Death has come to stay, and becomes determined to find the killer himself. As years pass, his quest slowly becomes an obsession‹one that will affect his entire life. The young Joseph doesn't know that his decision will bring him into the sights of the killer again and again, and that he will lose many of the things he holds most dear in his search for answers. A story of secrets and lies, revenge and obsession, right and wrong‹this is a moving and haunting tale in the best Southern gothic tradition. A debut not to be missed! - The Crime Scene, Deanna P., Borders Mystery & Thriler buyer

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