Thursday, November 19, 2009

RETURN TO THE LITTLE KINGDOM: "An Apple Book You Really, Really Must Own"

Michael Moritz's Return to the Little Kingdom is included in the list of the "Six Apple Books You Really, Really Must Own: "Just published last week, this book has been heavily revised, being an updated version of the book (The Little Kingdom: The Private Story of Apple Computer) Moritz wrote 25-years ago. In conjunction with the others on this list the original title has been a tried and tested essential reference work that’s helped build and inform our understanding of the development of the computer company.

Why we like it? It’s factual, it lacks spin, and was written way back in 1984 by Moritz, then at Time Magazine. It does a great job explaining the origins and quirks of Apple's first decade, giving some clue as to how the company turned out the way it did. Later titles all cite this one, partly because of its accuracy and partially for the on the button job Moritz managed in capturing the essences of the personalities of the founders of the company and the challenges it faced. What do other people think? Andy Hertzfeld quite simply calls it, “One of the best books about Apple ever written”. We say, “buy this book”. - Johnny Evans, 9to5Mac

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