Friday, December 18, 2009

Max Frei's THE STRANGER Named Fandomania's Top Book for 2009

This just in from Kelly Melcher at Fandomania: Max Frei's The Stranger has been chosen as the Best Book of 2009! And here's why:

"The Stranger has to be one of the most imaginative and quirky stories released in a long time. It doesn’t use the supernatural as a crutch, but rather as a spice for the story. Readers will jump right into a story with a character, Max, who has one foot in our reality but the rest of his body firmly planted in a world straight out of one of his dreams. The Stranger combines oddball characters with a sense of danger, a splash of detective work, and a smidge of the fantastic into an imaginative and enveloping escape from reality. The story is told in episodic chapters, each one building upon the last, but not directly linked to the one before it. Imagine reading several Sherlock Holmes stories back to back, only in this case the stories feature strange devices, supernatural mysteries, and a cast of characters all of whom EXCEPT for our detective seem to know what is going on! Max and the other characters grow with each past experience, but readers could almost turn to any chapter and quickly figure out what is going on. Everything else aside, this is by far one of the most entertaining books to come around in a long time. It would be surprising if you could read this with a straight face the whole time, and yet the jovial nature doesn’t give way to lackluster writing. The Stranger is consistent throughout and stands head and shoulders above most books that have even come out in the last decade."

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cristalstrauser said...

Just finished this book. It's fantastic! I hated for it to end!