Monday, January 11, 2010

Amy S. Foster's WHEN AUTUMN LEAVES is "A Truly Enchanting Read"

Amy S. Foster's magical novel When Autumn Leaves was recently featured in the Nashville Scene by Lacey Galbraith:

"In Amy S. Foster's debut novel, When Autumn Leaves, a female healer catches lightning in a bottle because the island town of Avening, in the Pacific Northwest, is a place where events defy logical explanation. The novel, like its setting, is a cozy one. The citizens of Avening, who long ago grew "to accept the bizarre anomalies as normal," always have a warm cup of peppermint tea at the ready for a visiting neighbor or friend. This is a book about the miraculous, the magical and the vibrantly hopeful, and its charm lingers long after the book is closed. . . Fear not the many references to incense, candles and "earth energy" in this book. The success of the book's magical realism lies in Foster's ability to balance the day-to-day rhythms of small-town life against the fantastic elements of the story. The residents of Avening are a beguiling mix of the eccentric and the everyday.

Foster is a successful songwriter—Josh Groban, Michael Bublé, Diana Krall and Destiny's Child have all recorded her songs, and she has hit the No.1 slot three times so far—but when it comes to prose, Foster's talents as a storyteller stand on their own: Her style is comfortably straightforward, and she navigates with ease a multilayered and well-paced plot. When Autumn Leaves doesn't need to be qualified as good for a first book by songwriter—it's a truly enchanting read."

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