Friday, January 22, 2010


USA Today takes note of next week's release of Susan Boyle: Dreams Come True: "Susan Boyle fans can read a biography by Alice Montgomery to be published Feb. 2 by The Overlook Press. Susan Boyle: Dreams Can Come True ($21.95) will cover the life story of the Britain's Got Talent singer whose performance off "I Dreamed a Dream" in her first appearance on the show in April became an online sensation." OK! Magazine also reports: "A Susan Boyle biography titled Susan Boyle: Dreams Can Come True is headed to bookstores near you! Now the story about the life behind the voice that’s an inspiration to so many will be told. After stunning judges Piers Morgan and Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent and becoming an overnight household name less than a year ago, Susan gave hope to the world that dreams actually can come true — with the help of reality TV. Her album "I Dreamed a Dream" is the biggest female debut album of all time and has already sold up to 8 million copies. Now for the first time, the life behind the singer will be told by biographer Alice Montgomery who charted Susan’s life in careful detail and outlined the setbacks and triumphs that led to her worldwide celebrity. The Overlook Press will publish 150,000 copies in the first printing of Susan Boyle: Dreams Can Come True on Feb. 2 for $21.95 in hardcover."


Anonymous said...

Why didn't this author opt to write an AUTHORIZED bio? Oh yeah, because she was greedy and wanted to whip this out quickly. And Susan won't see a dime of it. Can you say "opportunist"???

Anonymous said...

I'll be waiting for an "authorized" biography, thank you very much.