Friday, January 15, 2010

Susan Boyle Biography DREAMS CAN COME TRUE in Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly reports on the new Susan Boyle biography, Dreams Can Come True, which is set for release on February 9: "Overlook has acquired the first biography of British reality TV singing sensation Susan Boyle, Dreams Can Come True. Written by Alice Montgomery, the book, which is slated for February 9 and will be simultaneously published in England by Penguin UK, will trace Boyle's arc from a reclusive Scottish spinster to her headline-grabbing appearance singing "I Dreamed A Dream"on the English reality show, Britain's Got Talent. Boyle's debut album, also called "I Dreamed A Dream," has sold more than 5 million copies, making it the biggest-selling female debut album of all time. The acquisition looks to be something of a coup for Overlook, which is going to press for an initial 100,000 copies. Overlook publisher Peter Mayer acquired the book last month at auction."

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