Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Attention for Jid Lee's TO KILL A TIGER: A MEMOIR OF KOREA

Jid Lee's To Kill a Tiger continues to draw attention from critics and reviewers:

"Spanning five generations, this memoir explores the author's upbringing and the sociopolitical climate of Korea during the last century through the anecdotes and interpretations of her family. The tales come mainly from her father as told to her mother. (Fathers, we learn, would only discuss such matters with their sons and sometimes their wives, but never with their "unworthy" daughters). Historical lessons such as these are strewn throughout the text, interspersed with details from Lee's day-to-day life as a child and teenager and anecdotes told to her by her family members (although most are the author's own). These are all enhanced by the inclusion of black and white photographs of her family and community placed in nearly every chapter. . . What I applaud is this: It is a story of a tough, feminist kid who goes through hell and emerges victorious against everyone's expectations. Lee triumphantly gives patriarchy the finger and fulfills her dreams, giving women everywhere--and especially those languishing in a sexist society more oppressive than that of Western culture--hope for everything they wish to accomplish." -Natalia Real, Feminist Review

"The political sundering of Korea by no means was a simple split. To Kill a Tiger is by author Jid Lee's words, not just a memoir of herself, but a memoir of Korea, torn apart by the last six decades of a harsh standoff that started with a vicious war. Looking towards the beginning of the conflict, she focuses on the social change of the time, where in spite of the harsh conflict, people still wanted nothing more out of the world than to simply survive and live their lives. Discussing everything from the Japanese occupation in the first half of the twentieth century and forward, To Kill a Tiger is a fascinating and informative read that should not be ignored." - Midwest Book Review

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