Tuesday, March 02, 2010

American Book Review Calls THE VOYAGE OF THE SHORT SERPENT a "Prize-Winning Masterpiece"

The current issue of American Book Review features a glowing review of Bernard du Boucheron's The Voyage of the Short Serpent. Translated from the French by Hester Velmans, this powerful novel retells the adventures of a sea voyage in the fourteenth century that leads an evangelical group to a lost colony among floating ice and snow.

Critic Dinda Gorlee notes "Bernard du Boucheron should be lauded for his efforts to create this history-based chronicle, The Voyage of the Short Serpent, a prize-winning masterpiece. Hester Velmans, the literary translator, has moved her translation forward to the creative illumination of a kind of co-authorship, jointly with the author. Reading the English translation of the tale of the frozen wasteland of New Thule, with the French original book, Court Serpent, alongside, Velman's suggestive, often insightful, translation fills the readers (and this critic) with nothing less than a great awe of Velman's magical professionalism."

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