Friday, March 12, 2010

Dilip Hiro's INSIDE CENTRAL ASIA Reviewed in International Affairs

Dilip Hiro's Inside Central Asia is reviewed in the March issue of International Affairs: "Few people know Central Asia better than Dilip Hiro does. His Between Marx and Muhammad: The Changing Face of Central Asia represented one of the most accurate analyses of the region published in the early post-Soviet era and, at the beginning of 2010, remains an important source for scholars and the wider public interested in Central Asian affairs. In his new work, Inside Central Asia, Hiro widens his focus and his objectives become more ambitious. The specialized reader would be impressed by Hiro’s ability to enrich his account with hard-to-find elements….. In conclusion, Inside Central Asia is a major contribution to the study of post-Soviet Central Asia, interesting for both specialized and non-specialized readers for its solid analytical framework, the author’s engaging style and the remarkable amount of information provided in the volume."

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