Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Starred Review in Library Journal for Barnaby Rogerson's THE LAST CRUSADERS

Library Journal awards a star for The Last Crusaders: The Hundred-Year Battle for the Center of the World, by Barnaby Rogerson: "Author Rogerson (The Heirs of Muhammad) focuses not on the more famous Crusades from 1095 and 1291 but on a later series of clashes between various Christian and Muslim forces in and around the Mediterranean, beginning with Portugal's capture of the city of Ceuta in 1415 and ending with the battles at Lepanto in 1571 and Alcácer Quibir in 1578. The author imbues his text with an excellent sense of person and place, presenting not only the exploits of both Christians and Muslims on the battlefield but also their shifting alliances and internal struggles. He also explores how military technologies and the expansion of trade and exploration helped shape the conflicts. This thoroughly readable book provides a vibrant and well-organized account of this tumultuous, lesser-known period of history. Highly recommended for both students and general readers."

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