Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mark Booth's THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE WORLD: "A Scholarly and Imaginative Masterpiece"

Just released this month in paperback is Mark Booth's provocative bestseller The Secret History of the World. From mystic revelations to esoteric codes, here is an alternative history of the world, based upon the beliefs of the secret societies. Based on over twenty years of research, Booth offers a radical reinterpretation of human existence and a view of the world previously hidden from us.

Here's a sampling of praise for The Secret History of the World:

"This book will take you on a jaw-dropping journey through the spiritual and mythological history of the world . . . A wonderfully controversial read, which challenges the accepted view and spiritual history of human society."- Soul and Spirit Magazine

"I can say without exaggeration that this book is the best and most accessible treatment of the western esoteric tradition that I have read in decades . . . a scholarly and imaginative masterpiece." - Ronald M. Mazor, Professor of German and French, Winona State University

"A totally engrossing book, an esoteric journey from the beginning of time to the present day, based on beliefs and writings of the secret societies. I loved it!" - Patricia Scanlon, "Books of the Year," The Mail on Sunday.

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