Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Katie Arnoldi's POINT DUME Gets a Rave in Library Journal

Katie Arnoldi's new novel Point Dume gets a strong review in the May 15 issue of Library Journal: "Having written novels about women bodybuilders (Chemical Pink) and rich Angelenos (The Wentworths), Arnoldi now turns an acute eye toward the aging surfer community, Mexican drug cartels, and more dysfunctional rich people. Pablo, a gentleman pot dealer, and Ellis, a tough woman surfer, are lifelong friends who’ve been surfing since they were old enough to swim. Frank and Janice have a chilly marriage in which he is the boss. They have moved to the coast so Frank can play at being a winemaker. Felix is an illegal from Mexico, brought to California by a vicious drug cartel to grow marijuana. All of the author’s trademarks are present: kinky sex, drugs, and multiple points of view. As the characters’ problems deepen and their lives converge, a massive wildfire sweeps through the mountains, altering the tenor of existing relationships and destroying lives, marijuana farms, -megamansions, and the ecosystem VERDICT: Arnoldi knows how to make readers care about her protagonists. Her well-researched, well-written novel will appeal to fans of T.C. Boyle and Cormac McCarthy as well as to readers who mourn the destruction of the environment."

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