Monday, May 24, 2010

LADY GAGA: BEHIND THE FAME Reviewed in Orlando Sentinel

Emily Herbert's portrait of a lady is reviewed by music critic Jim Abbott in the Orlando Sentinel: "Lady Gaga: Behind the Fame, a breathless new biography by Emily Herbert ($14.95, The Overlook Press). Just a little more than a year into international stardom, Gaga and her career aren't exactly ripe for analysis. But, hey, analysis is boring. Especially when there are pages devoted to the controversy about whether the singer is a hermaphrodite. She's not, the author concludes. Other passages expound reverently on the singer's sense of style and the attention to detail involved in her image and performances."

Lady Gaga: Behind the Fame, available in paperback, is filled with color photos documenting Gaga from her gogo dancer days to the release of her second album, The Fame Monster, Lady Gaga is an essential source for anyone wanting to get the behind the scenes scoop on this fascinating performer. Both an inspiring story of self-actualization and a comment on today’s celebrity obsessed culture, Gaga’s tale, whether she’s beloved or reviled, is one of pop history in the making.

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