Thursday, May 06, 2010

Meet Jim Nisbet, author of WINDWARD PASSAGE, at The Mysterious Bookshop in NYC on May 7

Jim Nisbet, author of the noir classic Lethal Injection and newly published Windward Passage, will be signing books at The Mysterious Bookshop in New York on Friday afternoon, May 7, at 4pm. (55 Warren Street in Tribeca).

Nisbet is the author of nine previous novels, including Lethal Injection, Dark Companion, The Price of the Ticket, Prelude to a Scream, and The Octopus on My Head. His work has been published in eight languages. Nisbet has twice won the Pangolin Papers Annual Fiction Award, and thrice been nominated by for a Pushcart Prize in short fiction. His novel, Dark Companion, was shorted-listed (with four other nominees) for the 2006 Hammett Prize. He has also published five volumes of poetry.

Don't miss this rare New York appearance by one of the great masters of noir fiction!

“Jim Nisbet -- whose pen is mightier than a million swords -- does it again with Windward Passage. This is a book that should not be missed.” – Michael Connelly

“Well, it's official. In the next decade, the world will finally be weird enough to make Jim Nisbet accessible to the masses...his books have the sort of "naked lunch" effect that William Burroughs used to describe the hyper state of perception once experiences under the influence of narcotics. But you ignore Nisbet at your own peril. Because he really does know what's going on and why. He's lived in your future for some thirty years. He's still looking back. Readers would do well to look forward.” – Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column
"Jim Nisbet is a cult favorite in Europe and it's easy to see why. I've talked to a few people about this author and comparisons abound; he's Thomas Pynchon crossed with Raymond Chandler; the lovechild of Patricia Highsmith and Don Delillo, and on and on it goes. For my money I'd say he reads like Jasper Fforde meets Ken Bruen. One thing for sure, he's unique and man does he have a vivid imagination.” –

“Nisbet's novels... always look like one thing but turn out to be something else entirely. It is a rare talent, not accessible to all, perhaps, but no less special.” –Booklist

“Missing any book by Nisbet should be considered a crime in all 50 states and maybe against humanity. Erudite, perspicuous and sanguine...This California philosopher, etymologist and savant will take you on a trip like no other writer I know. Do not miss this one or any other of his great books!” –The Swarthmorean

“In Windward Passage, Nisbet captures the absurdities of present-day America with a rare pungency in this noir gem…Crime, cosmology, politics, philosophy, physics and more enter into this cautionary tale, which climaxes with the suddenness of a cobra strike and then delivers a denouement that's both stunning and absolutely perfect.” –Publishers Weekly

"Nisbet mixes noir mystery, dystopian sf, and a great deal of humor into a bubbling, complex stew. With his scruffy characters, political and philosophical bent, and ability to turn a striking simile, he resembles no one so much as a somewhat more subdued (no talking inanimate objects) Tom Robbins. Highly recommended." - Library Journal

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