Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Praise for Jim Nisbet's WINDWARD PASSAGE

Jim Nisbet's Windward Passage gets a stellar review in Booklist: "Nisbet, whose cult appeal has never really translated to the mainstream, hits another one out of the park. It's a typically skewed story, one that requires the reader to pay attention, follow intricate plot threads, and-most importantly-get comfortable in the author's landscape with (let's face it) very little help from him. Nisbet isn't one of those guys who say: OK, reader, here's the fictional world I've created, and here are all the things you need to know about it. Instead, he just plunges right in and asks us to keep up with him. Here the story is set in a sort of alternate-reality version of our world. The plot? Well, that's a tricky one-saying too much about it risks blowing any number of nifty surprises. Let's just say there's a sunken boat, a brick of cocaine with the DNA of a very highly placed individual, a dead sailor's sister, and a vast conspiracy. Nisbet's novels are linguistic playgrounds, full of funky words and phrases ("ceiling snurfs," "rhinoported attendees," "infundibulum") that are obscure, made-up, or just plain weird. Readers who like their fiction to be tidy and linear might not want to go anywhere near this novel. On the other hand, lovers of the unorthodox, the intellectually challenging, and the aggressively offbeat will enjoy themselves immensely." - David Pitt

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