Thursday, May 20, 2010

Norman Zollinger's RIDERS TO CIBOLA: "An Extraordinary American Story"

Overlook's new paperback edition of Norman Zollinger's classic western, Riders to Cibola, is drawing attention from a new generation of readers.

"After quitting a corporate job and moving his family to Albuquerque to become a writer in 1970, Norman Zollinger had little way of knowing that he would soon produce one of the century's top Western novels. Riders to Cibola is the story of Ignacio Cruz, a Mexican orphan, who finds a place in the West in the early 20th century, despite historical turmoil and personal struggles. Originally published in 1977 Zollinger's portrayal of New Mexico remains beautiful and entrancing. -American Cowboy Magazine

"This novel is a sweeping family saga that begins in 1905 when fifteen-year old Ignacio Ortiz, a Mexican orphan, joins Douglas MacAndrew’s D Cross A ranch in New Mexico. As seen through the eyes of Ortiz, the family is faced with Mexican revolutionaries, two world wars, western expansion and racism. Each generation of the MacAndrew family must deal with internal turmoil among its members, while Ortiz becomes a stable influence because of his quiet, faithful demeanor. Named as one of the top 21 western novels of the 20th century, this is a vivid account of life on a ranch in New Mexico during these turbulent times. Mr. Zollinger’s descriptions of the vast western landscape are breathtaking, his characters are interesting and well drawn out, and the evolving story, with its various twists and turns in plot, is exceptional. Ignacio Ortiz, although he had very little dialog, is a character I will never forget. This is truly an extraordinary American story, even if you’ve never read a Western novel before. If you are a fan of Larry McMurtry and his stories of the West, you will love this book." - Historical Novels Review

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