Monday, June 21, 2010

CONTEST! Enter to win an advance copy of "On the Many Deaths of Amanda Palmer"

“The artistic aftermath and cultural repercussions
of Amanda Palmer’s Death
are not a thing to be trifled with.”
- Amanda Palmer, 1876-2006

ON THE MANY DEATHS OF AMANDA PALMER, the first major study of the palmeresque and the untimely (fake) death of Amanda Palmer, will be published by The Overlook Press on July 8.

What is the "palmeresque," you may ask? It is the stories, poems, essays, and stream-of-consciousness explorations written anonymously following the death of an icon, attempting to imbue death with some meaning through art.

To celebrate the publication of Rohan Kriwaczek’s ON THE MANY DEATHS OF AMANDA PALMER, submit your own palmeresque to to enter to win a limited edition pre-publication copy of the book. Winners will be selected and notified July 1.

Questions? Comments? Leave them below and we'll be happy to discuss with you in more detail. Best of luck with the creation of your own palmeresque.

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