Tuesday, June 15, 2010

R.J. Ellory's THE ANNIVERSARY MAN: The Ultimate "Serial Killer Thriller"

R.J. Ellory's new thriller The Anniversary Man is now in bookstores, and drawing widespread attention from critics and fans alike:

“This is one of those police-procedural gems that come along once in a blue moon. The book is entirely free of the tired formulas that drive way too many procedurals and that often seem more oriented toward securing movie rights than telling a story. And what a story this is! NYPD Detective Ray Irving—overworked, underpaid, and absolutely dedicated to his job—risks his code of ethics and, ultimately, his life to track down a serial killer who is imitating the crimes of some of the worst monsters our society has spawned. . . .although Ellory is widely acclaimed in his native Britain, his books have not yet received widespread distribution in the U.S. Following A Quiet Belief in Angels (2009), this could be the one to put his name in lights in this country. Expect his name to be on every crime-fiction fan’s lips in short order.” –Booklist (starred review)

“Ellory’s gripping thriller should appeal to lovers of procedurals and may also draw readers of true crime, as it deals with many actual serial killings. -Library Journal

“Set in New York City, The Anniversary Man is the ultimate killer thriller, chronicling the case of a deranged but highly intelligent murderer who kills on the anniversary dates of famous serial murders from the past. Each subsequent slaying eerily copycats another infamous death--all faithfully replicating precise details of previous homicides. From electrifying start to shocking conclusion, this thriller affirms the genius that is R.J. Ellory. Britain's phenom author has achieved the status of world-class writer.” – Dean Murphy, International Thriller Writers

“John Costello survived the Hammer of God killings in 1984. His girlfriend did not. Ever since then, John has become obsessed with the why. Why do serial killers do what they do? What made him and Nadia a target? Why did he survive? He’s devoted his career to their study and is the only one to draw a connection between a recent series of murders in New York. When Detective Ray Irving is alerted to the fact that these seemingly random crimes are all exact copies of previous serial killers’ scenes, he is assigned as lead in the investigation. But the department wants to keep this one quiet and Irving will need Costello’s help to try and catch the killer before he strikes again. The Anniversary Man is just Ellory’s second release here in the States (he has seven titles available in the UK) and he’s quickly cementing himself as one of my favorites in the crime genre. His stories are dark and disturbing, his plots keep you guessing, and they never end quite like you think they will.” - Becky Lejeune, Bookbitch.com

“Thank you Overlook for keeping me up till 2 am last night. READ IT! I can't say anything more. I have to get back to it now.....full review to follow, but let's just say it's as good as A Quiet Belief in Angels but with that sense of eerie foreboding ratcheted up even higher. Is that possible? – Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem

The Anniversary Man was an engrossing read, and I highly recommend it. Put aside your doubts about the serial killer thing-you will be rewarded with a suspenseful and involving reading experience. What I really liked about this book was what Ellory did NOT do. He did not dedicate individual chapters to be told from the serial killer's point of view. We actually know very little about the murderer. We don't learn about his mommy issues. We don't learn about his childhood problems or ghastly physical appearance. What we do learn is what is revealed in the investigation. Ellory also excels at creating characters who are three-dimensional. The dialogue is completely real. I'm actually kind of amazed that Ellory, who is from the UK, did such a great job in detailing the New York setting and police procedures. It was flawless. His research on the real serial killers was seamlessly woven into the narrative and provided another layer of interest in addition to the present day crimes.” – Deadly Pleasures.com

“An ending where untold truths are revealed, lies are uncovered, the author takes the reader on a deadly roller coast ride. This riveting and spellbinding novel brings into focus the difficult job of any police department and the lengths that some dedicated men and women will go to in order to protect their cities. This is the first novel I have reviewed by RJ Ellory and I hope to have the honor of reviewing his next release.” – Fran Lewis, Bookpleasures.com

“In this bleak examination of murder and hope, Ellory’s herrings are as red and sticky as caramelized apples, more dead-ends than Manhattan riverside real estate. Fans of Ellory’s A Quiet Belief in Angels will repeatedly take the wrong road, when trying to identify the Anniversary Man. Readers who expect the amazing success of that novel to be replicated by the Brit who sets his plots in the U.S. as though he intends to recolonize for the Queen will be thrilled with this epic crime fiction novel. Written as though by a native New Yorker, this novel needs to be read twice --- once for vice-grip-like details, again for nectar from the consummate wordsmith. So real is Ellory’s writing that the lines between journalism and crime fiction blur. Though Ellory’s standalone crime thrillers grab readers by the throat and don’t let go until the last page, Detective Irving has the makings of Connelly’s Harry Bosch on steroids, sure to be a repeat character --- and made with cinematic success into a blockbuster movie. –Bookreporter.com

“This is an exhilarating New York City serial killer thriller that feels fresh in spite of the standard elements used like taunting the cops. Fast-paced throughout, the cops, the reporter and the reader increasingly believe John is the killer. Although RJ Ellory shows he is not The Boy From New York City, fans will relish this strong police procedural.” – Harriet Klausner, Genre Go Round

“Ellory is skilled at cinematic narratives [and] this novel brandishes his filmic consciousness... It's a cliche to praise a crime novel for its adroit marshalling of suspense, but there is no choice here: with The Anniversary Man, that's the signal achievement.” –Independent (UK)

“From the man who is incapable of writing a poor book, this is the serial killer novel to end all serial killer novels... Again, R.J. Ellory has given us a read that tempts the senses, engages the emotions and tickles the intellect. What can I say, but it's a sure-fire winner and deserves to be on every award list going.” -Crimesquad

“A favorite author always has a lot to live up to. I needn't have worried; the latest from RJ Ellory had me frantically turning the pages as I got more and more engrossed in the plot and the characters, unable to put it down until finished. The Anniversary Man is unquestionably a page turner with characters who are convincingly real and believable. Both Irving and Costello are brilliantly portrayed, both are haunted by the past and their mistrust of each other is central to a storyline that is both original and skilfully written. The crime scenes are graphic enough to satisfy the bloodthirsty amongst us but not too much so as to offend the squeamish. The pace of the book is just right with the tension building page by page as the book moves towards its gripping conclusion.” – Amazon.com Readers review

“Let's cut to the chase. This is quite simply one of the best cop thrillers you'll read this year. Or any year. It's an achievement that parks Ellory's wagon on the driveway of Michael Connelly the finest American exponent of the genre, and no higher praise can I give... Brilliant.” – Evening Telegraph

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