Thursday, July 29, 2010

Behind the Scenes with Overlook: With Peter Quinn and New York 1

Here's a sneak peek at Peter Quinn's interview on NY1, where he retraced the steps of Judge Joseph Crater on the last day he was seen alive. The New York State Supreme Court Justice disappeared on August 6, 1930, and was never seen again. It remains one of New York's most famous unsolved mysteries.

But it's not unsolved in Quinn's new book The Man Who Never Returned, on sale next Thursday from Overlook. Using his real-life knowledge of New York and extensive research, Quinn has crafted a story whose conclusion is both "logical and surprising" (Publishers Weekly, starred review).

A few photos of his walk down W. 45th Street in New York City with NY1 reporter Rebecca Spitz are below. Enjoy! And get excited for The Man Who Never Returned!

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