Thursday, July 15, 2010

Frank Deford's BLISS, REMEMBERED on the Today Show, and a giveaway!

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Thanks, TODAY, for having Frank Deford on for such a wonderful segment. (Every time we watch this video, we STILL laugh at the Jackie Collins comparison). BLISS, REMEMBERED was featured as one of Today's "Hot Summer Reads," and this segment was put together beautifully with photos and video from the 1936 Olympics--the backdrop of this wonderful novel.

Not quite as funny as the Jackie Collins comparison, but the Associated Press asked if Bliss, Remembered had been ghostwritten by Nicholas Sparks. While we don't quite see the comparison, it's true that Deford has penned a beautiful love story and (as Lauer pointed out) gotten inside the mind of a fascinating female character.

And don't forget to tune into NPR's Weekend Edition on Saturday for a wonderful (and long!) interview with Deford.

Finally, what you've all been waiting for... GIVEAWAY! Leave us a Tweet (@overlookpress), Facebook comment (friend us here!) or comment about why YOU want to read Bliss, Remembered. The Olympic history? The love story? Longtime Deford fan? We'll pick three winners at random from all of the participants.

Thanks, and happy reading!


Thelma said...

I want to read BLISS bc it's an Overlook book. I'm just finishing David Carnoy's Knife Music, then on to The Anniverary Man by RJ Ellory, but I'll need the next book soon!

The Overlook Press said...

Hi Thelma--you're one of our winners! email kgales at overlookny dot com to claim your prize :)

Happy reading!

Susan B-K said...

I want to read Frank DeFord's Bliss, Remembered because I love Overlook books and am fascinated by the Olympics in the the past that have been plagued by extreme politics (1936, 1972...). I also review books on my website and would love to review this one!!!

The Overlook Press said...

Hi Susan B-K! Would you send me an email? kgales at overlookny dot com ... We are always looking to improve and expand our blog coverage outreach! Would love to discuss BLISS and our other titles in more detail. Thanks!


keating said...

I want to read Bliss Remembered for two reasons: the juxtaposition of a tender personal story in the context of Olympic competition against the backdrop of the infamous "Nazi Games" of 1936; and because Frank is an astute, inciteful and original commentator.